Jake’s monster mess

Title: Jake’s Gigantic List /Jake’s monster mess

Author: Ken Spillman

Illustrator: Chris Nixon

Publisher: Scholastic

Age group: 4 to 6 ( read aloud)

6 to 8 ( read along)

This is a very cute storybook about a little boy who’s birthday is approaching and he wants everything on his very special day. His list is bigger than an anaconda and he won’t settle for something plain and simple as a shirt.

Luckily his Aunt Lyn knows what to give him and where to find all the necessary stuff.

The language is simple and easily understandable. Illustrations are very funny and apt.

All in all a story that teaches values to kids in a very convincing yet funny way.


This book is double sided and has another amazing story of Jake.

Jake’s room is slightly messy and his Dad asks him to clean it as they have guests coming over for dinner.

But instead of doing the job properly Jake creates a mess in his room . Would he able to sort it out. Read the book to find out.




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