The day the crayons quit

Book : The day the Crayons quit

Author: Drew Daywalt

Illustrator : Oliver Jeffers

Publisher : HarperCollins

Age group : 7 and above

Every child loves to draw and Colour. Coloring is the favorite pastime of every kid. They weave a different world through colours. But would happen if colours refuse to co operate .

Funny, hilarious and creative this book would make you laugh ear to ear. What happens when all the colours go on strike and ask for justice as they are bored with their routine work. They wish to be used in a ew and unique way .

The language of the book is quite comical and the illustrations are too funny. Kids would not only enjoy the book but would relate to it in many ways.

This book pushes a kid’s creativity to another level.

Trust me the letters written by the colours would definitely touch your heart. Read the book to find out what each crayon has to complain.




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