The Colour Thief

We live in a beautiful world because it is filled with beautiful colours. But what if someone stole all the colors?

Book : The Colour Thief

Author : Stephen Aitken and Sylvia Sikundar

Illustrator : Sandhya Prabhat

Publisher : Tulika

Age group : 4 to 6 ( read aloud)

6 to 8( read along )

8 and above read


What would happen if you wake up to a colorless world. Everything is black and white, dull and dark . The land, the ocean, the sky all are colorless.

This story is about a grouchy giant who hates colours and thus decides to steal them. Read the story how he realizes he did a mistake and who helps his m to bring back all the colours in the world.

The illustrations in this book are simply outstanding. The combination of black and white pictures with the colorful ones are quite eye catching. Illustrations actually make the story all the more interesting.

This book definitely took a place in my favorites list.

Definitely go for it and you will love it.




3 thoughts on “The Colour Thief”

  1. Surely the comparison of black n white n colourful examples must have brought different types of emotions. The story seems intresting n the way u project it is outstanding.

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