You wouldn’t want to live without books

Everything has a history and so does books.. did you ever think how ancient people communicated, how writing evolved how books came into existence… well it’s time to get an answer .

Book : You wouldn’t want to live without books

Author : Alex Woolf

Illustrator : David Antram

Publisher : Scholastic

Age group : 8 and above

Papyrus, scrolls, cuneiform, glyphs, tablets and more… don’t get baffled by the terms, they may sound funny but are quite interesting facts about the history of writing and books.

Children would love to read this book as it tells everything you need to know about reading, writing and communication in ancient times. From rock tablets to kindle, this book covers all aspects of evolution related to books.

The illustrations are quite funny and colorful. There is glossary at the end of the book and hands on activities on most pages to make the discovery all the more fun. Though a bit elaborative yet quite gripping.

All in all a good read filled with knowledge.




3 thoughts on “You wouldn’t want to live without books”

  1. True Akanksha,life without books is such a stagnant one. As you have given an idea about this book, which makes me quite enquisitive as it not only have information but humour too which will make reading fun and the activities will make kids test their brain..thanks

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  2. Surely world without books is unimaginable.surely the review tempts to read it. Thanks for giving us varieties of story books n good reasons to read them

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