Lazy Ozzie

Book : Lazy Ozzie

Author : Michael Coleman

Illustrator : Gwyneth Williamson

Publisher : Little tiger press

Age group: (2 to 4) read aloud

(4 to 6 ) read along

Children love to be lazy. It’s kind of their favorite pastime 😀. Sometimes we all love to. But it’s not only humans who like to be lazy. This book is about the laziest owl in the world who just doesn’t wish to fly. He doesn’t want to over work his wings. He is determined to sit and relax but his mother won’t give up trying to make him fly. Read the book to find out who wins at the end.

The book will introduce kids to various animals. You can do lots of activities related to this book including puppet making, activities related to animal sounds, some fun research on animals and their young ones, finding facts about nocturnal and diurnal animals, making kids understand the difference between domesticated and wild animal make and much more

The illustrations are very colorful and funny. Kids will love the expressions evokes through the amazing illustrations. They will love to hop and jump and play with the animals. Enjoy your kids smiling and laughing while reading it. No surprise if it becomes your child’s favorite book and Ozzie becomes their favorite character.

Happy reading




1 thought on “Lazy Ozzie”

  1. This seems intresting. After reading kids can share their experiences. Akanksha you description brings true picture of a book.


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