Good night stories for Rebel Girls

A must read for every girl who dreams big and wishes to do something out of the ordinary ,this book isn’t about princesses who waited for their Prince Charming to change their lives but instead about females who dared to challenge the odds and achieved what they wished for.

Book : Good night stories for Rebel Girls

Author : Elena Favilli, Francesca Cavallo

Illustrator : 60 female artists from around the world

Publisher : Penguin Books

Age group : 7 and above

This book is a must have for every girl. It’s neither a fairytale story nor a fiction but a book that shows a real world with females who set examples in various walks of life fighting against all odds with powers to change the world.

The book contains unique stories of 100 females who believed in themselves and proved their worth in this gender bias world. Be it Joan Jett- the Rock Star, Irena Sendlerowa- a war hero, So tia Alizadeh- rapper,Malala Yousafzai – activist, Laxmi Bai – warrior queen etc… every story is exceptional and inspirational. This book shouts out loud that age and gender are no bar to start a movement.


Highly recommend it.


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