Albie and the space rocket

Dear book lovers,

It’s always a challenge to choose a right book that is age appropriate for a child. Here I am to help with my reviews that will help you pick up the right book for your little one.

Book : Albie and the Space Rocket

Author : Andy Cutbill

Illustration : Mark Stacey

Age group : 3 to 5 ( read aloud )

5 to 7 ( read with help )

This book is all about illustrations. Kids would love it because of its wonderful illustrations. Every picture in the book is eye catching, hilarious and expressive. The story is about a boy in a weird wild world. Every single page is filled with thrills and adventures narrated in a very funny yet simplest way. It’s a good book to increase vocabulary too. The book is quite colorful and keeps the the child hooked to it.


I highly recommend it.

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